Contemporary Interiors with Antique Rugs

Mixing up contemporary styling with sophisticated Antique rugs can dramatically change the look of your home instantly. You can create an elegant home with an oriental sense and make this intricate design liven up your space.

an antique rug in a contemporary home

“What’s Old Is New Again”

A gorgeous Antique rug can be incorporated into any décor. It can be a focal point of your room. Antique rugs have played a huge role in design since the 16th century and although they seemed to be forgotten during previous decades, they have made a huge comeback. The “What’s old is new” trend brought Antique rugs back into many contemporary homes.

Except for bringing a lot of warmth and sophistication to your home, an Antique rug is also an effective way to enhance the beauty of contrast and enrich a sense of place in history in one room.




An antique rug is very often referred to as a soulful object to fill in your home and liven it up. Bringing a sense of tradition in the 21st century and contemporary design is something that makes a great impact. Now when people started rediscovering Antique rugs’ appeal and identifying the combination of antique and contemporary as not only acceptable but stylish as well, people more often decide to dress their floors with Antique rugs. Combining Antique rugs with contemporary furniture can be fun and possibilities are infinite. This is why the mixing of styles is a vast subject. It takes only one detail to make a room predominantly traditional or predominantly modern.

Exploring the elements of different origins and ages provided a new direction in interior decoration which resulted in a new concept. Mixing modern items with antique rugs is a wonderful way to create a unique space that adds contrast and depth. This way you can showcase your individual style.

The moment you decide to put an Antique rug into your room is the moment you establish how that room will be laid out. Even though balance and proportion is the rule of thumb, in mixing these two styles you can enjoy a bit more freedom and be unpredictable. This element of unexpected will certainly give a bit more excitement.


Interior Design Tips with Antique Rugs

Colors play their role. Choosing the right color is absolutely critical. If your wood floor and walls are dark, spicing it with a lighter Antique rug will provide a counterbalance. If your space and walls are light, the dramatic contrast will be achieved with a dark Antique rug. One of the ways to tie the space together is to match the rug color with the color of the pillow of your sofa. If your space is very bright or mostly white, it is a good idea to add a touch of pattern. Plain Antique rug patterns will break the dullness of the space. In order to go away further, a brightly colored rug with an interesting pattern will add a touch of cheerfulness to your room.                                                                                            Strong and colorful Antique rug usually requires bold walls and furniture but making a sophisticated color palette gives you a chance to play with colors and shades. Our favorite tip is to go monochromatic or neutral with the rest of your furniture if you cover your floor with a strong Antique rug.


Apart from the aesthetic effect Antique rugs have, another benefit is that they will last for many generations to come due to their impeccable craftsmanship and can perfectly blend with any color scheme, even white. Antique rugs can be mixed with wood furniture, light fixtures, leather, velvet, etc. It’s up to you how you will spice up the space you live in.


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4 Reasons to Hire a Rug Cleaning Expert

Rugs, as the most important part of your home décor, need to be cleaned regularly and vacuumed on a daily basis. In this way, you will extend the life of your rugs and contribute to the health and health of your family. However, opting for DIY rug cleaning tips in long-term will fail to deliver effectiveness and might have certain negative consequences.

area rug in the living room